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Innovation, Development & Commercialisation

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Select Solutions
Select Solutions

Select Solutions is the innovation centre within the Select Group. New concepts are incubated, developed, researched and commercialised here in readiness for manufacture and distribution.

Do you need help to launch a Product or Service? Contact Select Solutions today.

Knowledge Select Solutions draws from over 20 years' experience sourcing and developing innovative products - not just its own but also those of inventors and manufacturers who have required support and assistance at some stage in a product's development cycle.

Select Solutions can assist with:

  • IPR & Patents
  • CAD Design
  • Market Research & Business Planning
  • Grant & funding applications

Manufacture Select Solutions can provide advice and assistance in the following areas for companies with an innovative product concept to take to market:

  • Tooling
  • Manufacture
  • Packaging Design
  • Assembly

Service Once the physical product is developed, Select can assist with Marketing and Design, Product launch and Sales - particularly within the construction industry sectors. Other areas that Select can provide practical support is in: Website Design, Copy writing, Physical Order Fulfilment, Satellite Warehousing and Logistics.

Select Solutions Case Studies:


ReversiDoor® - Access Panels:

  • Select's own innovative design
  • Unique, patented hinge design
  • Registered trademark
  • The only Hinged and Reversible plastic access panel on the market
  • Manufactured, packaged and distributed by Select
  • Available from 2000+ merchant outlets nationwide & online
  • One of Select Products Top Selling ranges
Alert Alert

Alert® - Real Time Asbestos Detection

  • Project initiated by Select to develop world's 1st portable and affordable real-time monitor and warning of airborne asbestos fibres
  • Select originator of the European consortium of experts responsible for developing the Asbestos ALERT
  • Alert Consortium won 1.8m of EU FP7 funding for R&D
  • EU funded R&D phase now complete
  • 2 models ready for rapid commercialization
  • Working prototypes offer world class, life-saving, technology with massive global demand
  • Patented technology and licences
  • Commercialization under way by Alert Technology Ltd (A spin off from The Select Group)
  • Product availability 2016 - Contact us for more details
DoseUp® (previously The Rustbuster)

DoseUp® (previously The Rustbuster)

  • Patented innovative product design
  • Developed by tradesman turned inventor with clever ideas
  • Brought to Select for assistance with marketing and market entry
  • Patents purchased by Select in 2012 and rebranded DoseUp®
  • Currently being promoted by numerous merchants nationally
  • Watch the DoseUp® in action on SPI website

ReversiDoor® Airtight Part J Plastic Access Panel

  • Unique reversible door & airtight seal patented by Select
  • Designed by Select in response to market demand created by Part J Building Regs
  • Manufactured by Select
  • Professional quality access panel
  • Complimentary to existing Select access panel range